Bitcoin Talents - David Milewski

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March 2023

BTC Talents _ PUBLIC _ Profile_David Milewski

Nationality: German

Residence: Munich, Germany

Field of study: M.Sc. Statistics

University: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Work experience: Data Science, Data Engineering, Statistics

Current affiliation: Siemens Treasury

Current position: Financial Data Scientist

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Since discovering bitcoin, I have found it exciting that my interest has been stirred in a wide range of diverse subjects, including money, networks, technology, energy, and history. This has motivated me to delve deeper and broaden my knowledge in these various topics. This technology offers benefit to any individual or institution, and I believe it has the potential to significantly innovate the manufacturing industry as well. 

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: Running my own full & lightning node. BTC transactions via layer 1 & 2. Set up BTCServer project. Educating colleagues about bitcoin & exploring potential institutional and industrial applications of this technology at the crossroads of finance and the manufacturing sector 

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