Bitcoin Talents - Ayush Tahiliani

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August 2023

Cohort 1 _ BTCT MENTOR Profile Slide Information-98

Nationality: Indian

Residence: Gujarat, India

Field of study: Computer Engineering - Big Data Analytics

University: Marwadi University, India

Work experience: NA - Recent Graduate (Batch of 2019-2023)

Current affiliation: Family-owned electronics business 

Current position: Retail Manager & standalone stock trader

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Initially, I used to trade in the Indian Stock Market and after an year or so I got some knowledge about cryptocurrencies from my batchmates. Obviously, I got keen interest in Bitcoin Space and started learning about it. Ever since, I was inclined towards keeping myself updated with bitcoin news, trades and market trends. 

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: Reading news, watching YouTube videos and Investing

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