Bitcoin Talents - André Pager

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August 2023

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Nationality: Germany

Residence: Germany

Field of study: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Business Administration and Economics

University: FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany

Work experience: Project & Product Management, Corporate Strategy, Sales in Automotive Industry, Blockchain Research

Current affiliation: Lockchain Invest GmbH, Germany

Current position: Founder and General Manager

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin isn't just a digital currency; it's a technological revolution and testament to human ingenuity. Its journey, much like a passionate relationship, has highs and lows, but that's where its beauty lies. Bitcoin represents growth, adaptation, and evolution. With over 200 million users and counting, its adoption is undeniable. Today, we can only try to guess the full potential and myriad of Bitcoin’s applications. Nevertheless, we're on the cusp of an era where cryptos aren't just investments but everyday tools. In this new world, Bitcoin will symbolize progress, freedom, and collective innovation. I'm proud to be part of this movement, and together, we'll witness one of humanity's most monumental chapters. Bitcoin is here to grow!

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: Private investments in cryptos, trading, research, NFT, DeFi & Bitcoin Talents Programs

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