Bitcoin Talents - Aleksandra Kiebdoj

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August 2023

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Nationality: Polish

Residence: Denmark

Field of study: MSc in Digital Innovation & Management 

University: IT University of Copenhagen

Work experience: Manufacturing, Consulting, Banking 

Current affiliation: Danish Central Bank

Current position: IT Product Manager

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Blockchain technology is rapidly changing our world, especially in finance, logistics, and other sectors. I firmly believe that to adapt to this change, we must understand blockchain inside out. As an enthusiast in the field of finance and technology, I find Bitcoin absolutely fascinating. Its decentralized structure and revolutionary blockchain technology not only promise to reshape the way we conduct transactions but also hold the potential to redefine the entire financial landscape, making it an incredibly exciting and dynamic space to explore.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: (Bitcoin investor (hodler), bitcoin conferences, Research (regulatory and compliance, technology)

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