Bitcoin Talents Mentor - Nicole E. Nowak

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March 2023

BTC Talents Mentor_Nicole E. Nowak

Nationality: German

Residence: Munich, Germany

Short Bio: I have an economics and math background with a major in game theory, worked in various companies and roles related to data and digital transformation, currently teaching my colleagues how to use relevant tools to manage their business in a data-driven way as a Senior Business Training Consultant at an insurance company.

What fascinates you most about Bitcoin? I am fascinated by the potential for change that Bitcoin has for society and for individuals. It is possible that Bitcoin will decisively shape our world and most people's lives for the better.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: I've been a mentor for DLT Talents, am part of the Terahash network, and co-organized the debut event of Les Femmes Orange with a group of female Bitcoiners.

Your favorite Bitcoin influencer (or source): Next to Andreas Antonopoulos, Jack Mallers and Jack Dorsey, I admire Lyn Alden, Niko Jilch and Rachel Geyer the most.

Fun facts about you: It was my little brother who talked me into buying Dogecoin that triggered my Bitcoin journey. 

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