Bitcoin Talents Mentor - Daniela Heynen

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March 2023

BTC Talents Mentor_Daniela Heynen

Nationality: German

Residence: Frankfurt, Germany

Short Bio: With more than 20 years experience in the banking and financial services industry Daniela’s focus as a consultant is on projects around regulatory reporting. There she covers the gap between the business and the IT side while waiting for the reporting requirements for all kinds of crypto and DLT products to go live in the near future.

What fascinates you most about Bitcoin?  It’s the most “famous” crypto currency so far.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: Investing and hodling.

Your favorite Bitcoin influencer (or source): Satoshi Sakamoto, because he/ she/ they remain anonymous, though everything else can be tracked. And all the people I have already met on my crypto journey.

Fun facts about you: I’m a certified tour guide for the city of Frankfurt.

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